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Grand Master Zhu Tiancai
is now accepting both School and Individual Memberships for the ITF.  For the first time he is expanding his organization and curriculum to include the United States. This invitation is open to beginners as well as experienced martial artists. No matter what your current age or physical condition, anyone can participate and benefit from the training offered. 

What does that mean to you?  You can know become a direct student of Grand Master, receive the transmission of Traditional Chenjiagou Taijiquan directly from the source, and take your place in the historical lineage as a 20th generation student. Each member will become an integral part of preserving traditional Chinese Chen Jiagou style Taijiquan. 

As a member you will receive privileged pricing on all seminars, private lessons, DVD’s, books, clothing and other related items. You will be able to test and receive rank under Grand Master. For those looking to delve deeper into this art teaching certifications are available after strict qualifications are met

For those willing to travel and train in Chen Jiagou, you will be a guest in his Chen Village Home/School for personal and group training from Grand Master and his two sons Zhu Xiang Hua and Zhu Xiang Yi. This is a unique opportunity to eat, sleep, breathe, live and study in the birth place of the original style and forerunner to all other styles of Taijiquan. 

For more info on specific  Membership Plans or to request an application  contact us by email at  taijicenter@aol.com  or call 727.859.8355

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